12 Jul

Deviation Costs – distance matters when selecting a shipyard !

When shipmanagers are in the process of evaluating a shipyard, one of the important factors is the distance the vessel has to sail before it reaches the shipyard. If the distance of the last port of discharge or the next port of loading is short, it is much better for the pockets of the owner than if the vessel has to do a long journey without cargo and income before reaching the docks of the repair yard.

Calculating the distance and the costs of deviation is now simpler than ever, because trusteddocks.com has developed the world first cost of deviation calculator for shipyards.


With this tool you can check difference between 3 selected shipyards when not logged in, if you are registered trusteddocks.com user, you can check distance for up to 10 shipyards.

This service was created with searoutes.com and the usage of the searoutes.com api, and perfectly shows how this two projects are working together.

Please use the tool and give us some feedback, for further improvements.

You also can contact us if you have similiar ideas or need help for searoutes.com or trusteddocks.com integration.