16 Aug

shipyard agents are welcome !

Since we started trusteddocks.com in May this year, we got many concerns and complains from shipyard agents who fear that we want to kill their business and drive them out of the market.  But this is not our aim. We think that agents are important for this business, but maybe the scope of work will change a bit over time. Client oriented , open minded agents, with an understanding of technology and digitalization are needed more than ever.  trusteddocks.com was founded to bring more transparency in the market, make the selection, quoting and decision making process more transparent and more efficent. We think that shipyard agents will play a very important role in that process and thats why we  want to work together with agents that are thinking forward and believe that  digitalization can be benefical and is not a threat. We also think that trusteddocks.com can help shipyard agents to find more clients for the shipyards they represent and finally we can also help them to claim commissions from shipyards with our ais monitoring capabilities. These are all good reasons to work together with trusteddocks.com

As a first step, we have developed a directory of shipyard agents, where agents can list their business and also mark the  shipyards they represent.

As a second step, we want to work together with a limited number of agents, so that our users can be guided and get help from agents if they want and need this help. Costs and commissions are shown and listed in a transparent way.

So, if you are a shipyard agent and you see the opportunities for your business to grow, please contact me via linkedin profile or via our contact page. I would be happy to get in contact with you and discuss the posibilities that trusteddocks.com can offer to you.