trusteddocks book & ebook

Here it comes – We have put the best shipyards from our platfrom into a book, so that you also can use our information while sailing on the seven seas.

The book is frequently updated, when we find more and better shipyards or docksize or capacity has change – we print a new book or realize another ebook.

Download it here:

If you have question , you want to add something or you want to put some adverting in the book – please contract us.

Business Generator for ship repair yards

Which ships are in my area and need a class renewal in the next 3-6 month ?
Which vessels are in ports around me and need repair or services ?
Who is sailing into my area and also need a Class renewal on a short notice ?

Our new business generator for ship repair yards combines Class Renewal Dates with AIS Data, Ship Age and former Docking visitis and has the answers to all this Questions. Shipmanagers and Owners can be easily contacted via phone or email and ship repair yards can sent them their latest offers or pricings. This is cherry picking for Ship Repair Yard Managers.

If you are a ship repair yard manager and you want to fill your docks – please get in contact with us. We can arrange a trial with our business generator and help you to fill your docks with the right customers and vessels immediately.


Fujian Huadong from Fuzhou in China is one of the first shipyards that received a rating with our extended rating tool. And they did it quite well and received a score of 2.75 from 3.0

They prepared a Bulk Carrier of 225m length for her 2nd class renewal. Here is the result in detail:

You get the full review if you login/register and go to – the Airbnb for shipyards

The German Shipowner Association has called the Airbnb for shipyards. Of course we are honoured by that and we also hope that once we can tell a similar success story than Airbnb.

But what are the similarities between Airbnb and for now ?

1. shipyards can offer their services directly to shipmanagers without a middle man.
2. shipyards can receive request for dockingslots and docking tenders via web on 24/7 basis.
3. shipyards get reviews from clients and can show their expirience and happy customers.

What are the difference from to Airbnb

1. doesnt have a booking system – Contract and terms are negotiated individually
2. doesnt have a payment system – payment is also done between the parties directly

So, where are not a 100% Airbnb for shipyards yet – but in times of blockchain and cryptocurrencies this can be a way forward for the next steps in our development.

Show your Company Policies on

We think that companies policies are important, and that all shipyards should have them. It is a clear sign from the top management to the shareholders, customers and workers that environmental protection, human rights or anti-corruption is taken seriously.

It is also part of the new online auditing function of trusteddocks, that high-quality shipyards have these policies and show them on

Docking forecasts 2.0 – cherry picking for shipyards

Finding good clients for your shipyard’s drydock was never easier ! With our new visualized dry docking forecast, shipyard sales manager can find vessels that need a class renewal in the next 3, 6 or 12 month.

The colorscheme shows if the vessel needs urgently a drydock facility, or if there is still some time.

We are happy to provide free trials to our premium shipyard members.

shipyard events – what goes in – must go out !

Beside having the biggest database of shipyards worldwide, also has a partnership with our friends from By matching outstanding ais coverage with our shipyard database we are aware of almost every actual docking in realtime happening worldwide.

This information can be used to see which ships are calling which shipyards and also give us valueable information about utilization and usage of specific shipyards.

With our event generation technology, we cannot only see ships sailing into a shipyard, but also leaving a shipyard and so we can calculatio average duration of shipyard visits and compare them for benchmarking purposes.