Write reviews for your shipyards and tell us your experience!

Restaurants, hotels, plumbers, doctors – everything is listed and rated on online portals like tripadvisor, yelp or Angies List – but shipyards are not !

We are not sure what the reason is, but it seems, that especially the big shipyards are scared to ask their customers for their opinions and to publish them afterwards.  Shipyards agents also dont really care – we wonder why.

Today we have launched a review system, so that shipyards can rated and reviewed. But also shipyards can invite shipmanagers & owners to get ratings to evaluate their quality to become better and better over time.

In principal the review system has three sections:

A. Specification of vessel & work

here the Ship and the work is specified

B. Quality Review

This is the main section, there are 10 categories where shipyards can be ranked from 1 (worse) to 5 (perfect)

 C. Privacy of the review

This is a serious part for us – we don’t want that one bad reviews destroy the reputation of a company. Therefore the reviews are first shared between the shipmanager & the shipyards when they are bad. After escalation / deescalation the shipmanager can decide to change his mind or to keep the review private or to publish it to everyone.

If you are a shipyard manager, and you want that your  repair or maintenance work is validated by your clients, please get in contact with us, so that we can provide you the rating tool free of charge. We are also happy to explain it to you and make it work.

If you are a shipmanager or shipowner, and you want to give quality ratings to shipyards, please also get in touch with you us, so that we can give you the necessary tools for your work.

Of course we are also happy to receive your feedback and we are also looking forward to discuss with your needs and demands.

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German Television reports about the bad business practice of German shipowners

When it comes to shipbreaking its all about money. Ethics,  sustainability human lives ? – who cares in this industry ?

The German Television yesterday showed a documentary about the evil practices of German Shipowners when it comes to ship breaking.

trusteddocks.com wants to supports those shipbreakers who act according to standards and take care for human rights, sustainability and environment protection.