Denmark joins UN Convention for ship breaking

Denmark is the seventh nation that joins the UN Convention, which aims to better protect the people and environment involved in ship scrapping

Norway, Congo, France, Belgium, Panama and Turkey have also signed the convention.

“Obsolete ships typically contain dangerous waste and they must be scrapped under adequate conditions,” said he food and environment minister, Esben Lunde Larsen.

“It’s a good day for those people who work with scrapping ships every time a nation signs the convention, so I’m pleased that Denmark has now finally signed on. Shipping is a global industry where there is a need for mutual international legislation.”

Larsen said that Denmark’s signature sets an example to other nations that it’s important to prioritise the sustainable scrapping of ships.

Before coming into effect the resolution needs to be signed by 15 countries. At the moment the strong lobby of shipowners and financial institution is holding back other goverments to join this initiative, however things are changing and we hope that more countries will join in the coming years.

Source: CPH Online

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