– the Airbnb for shipyards

The German Shipowner Association has called the Airbnb for shipyards. Of course we are honoured by that and we also hope that once we can tell a similar success story than Airbnb.

But what are the similarities between Airbnb and for now ?

1. shipyards can offer their services directly to shipmanagers without a middle man.
2. shipyards can receive request for dockingslots and docking tenders via web on 24/7 basis.
3. shipyards get reviews from clients and can show their expirience and happy customers.

What are the difference from to Airbnb

1. doesnt have a booking system – Contract and terms are negotiated individually
2. doesnt have a payment system – payment is also done between the parties directly

So, where are not a 100% Airbnb for shipyards yet – but in times of blockchain and cryptocurrencies this can be a way forward for the next steps in our development.

Show your Company Policies on

We think that companies policies are important, and that all shipyards should have them. It is a clear sign from the top management to the shareholders, customers and workers that environmental protection, human rights or anti-corruption is taken seriously.

It is also part of the new online auditing function of trusteddocks, that high-quality shipyards have these policies and show them on