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Receive ship recycling requests from shipmanagers and shipowners online 24/7
  • Get in contact with shipowners around the world

  • Get invited from shipmanagers to participate in their tenders for dockings and win their business

  • Receive request for docking slots and answer them at your fingertips

  • Show ¬†your availability

Present your staff, equipment and experience

  • Publish information about your shiprecycling facility

  • List your services

  • Upload images and the company logo

  • Publish contact information and staff members


  • Specify your categories of wastes and HazMats

  • List your content of wastes

  • Present your shiprecycling facility on the map

  • Show your experiences and references

  • Present additional information like weather statistics, airports and hotels

Be sustainable and responsible

Present your certificates, display your security affords and list your company policies

  • Publish your Security Standards , Certificate & Company Policies in front of hundreds of ship managers & owners

  • Do online audits and demonstrate corporate responsibility and win clients with high standards


Improve your quality management

Receive reviews & recommendation and share them with the community
  • Ask clients for reviews & recommendation

  • Improve your quality management

  • Present your recommendation on your shipyard site and win clients with high standards

Identify business potentials

Use real time market informations, forecasts & competitor data for proactive sales & marketing activities


trusteddocks for shipyards - docking forecast

  • See all vessels which are actually docked
  • Get information about docking ships
  • See docking start time or docking end time
  • Search for local docking shipyards
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Trusteddocks for shipyards - recycling forecast

  • See all vessels which were actually recycled
  • Get information about the recycling ships
  • See recycling start time
  • Search for local recycling shipyards
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Trusteddocks for shipyards - New build forecast

  • See all vessels which have been actually in commissioning
  • Get information about the new build launched ships
  • See launch start time
  • Search for local shipyards which have been launched new ships
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